What type of payments do you accept?

How long does it take for an appointment?

I just got a wireless router and can't figure out how to set it up - can you help me?

Are these guys easy to understand?

How much does E-Technologies Cost?

I have a virus on my computer - can you fix it?

Do you come to my home?

Why Should I Use E-Technologies?

What is remoteTech?

Do I have to buy Microsoft Windows for Customized PC?

Does E-Technologies sell software’s as well?

Does hardware accessories are covered any gurranty?

Are the water based CPU coolers quiet?

What do the E-Technologies sell besides Computers?

What all bundle software comes free with Custom made PC?

I can't find a specific item on the E-Technologies website, are there any accessories available that are not listed on the website?

How can I check the status of my order?

How can I cancel or change my order?

Does E-technologies provide in-house warranty on their computers?

What are the shipping charges on orders and who will bear the cost?

What is your shipping method?

When will I receive my order?

What are the conditions for returns?

What is E-Technologies exchange/return policy for any type of item?

Where do I take my PC if it needs any service under warranty?

What is excluded from coverage under most standard warranties?

What is the standard range of warranty coverage?

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