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-Technologies is a one stop solution for your entire computer and network related worries. Our enterprise deals with all the peripherals pertaining to computers,laptops and servers. Further, we own the skill and the expertise to be able to provide the apt networking solutions for your office. Empowered by a team of engineers, wehave the experience to carry out any networking exercise that will work to your requirement.

We serve our clientele with the motto that customer is the king. Our prime objective is therefore to address every demand from the client and ensure that all the requirements are met. The company assuages equal importance to every task that is rendered upon us. Whether you own a single computer or fifty computersat your office, we provide you with the best possible service.

E-technologies possesses the reputation of being among the top computer solutions providers in Auckland, Henderson North Shore and Manukau. We also nurture a realistic dream of being able to cater to all of New Zealand in the days ahead.

It is assured that once a company does business with us, it is going to be our customer for a long time to come. We are therefore confident that once you do business with us, you are sure to call upon us for all your future assignments.

True to the testimonials that endorse us, we have earned laurels from all the companies that we have worked with. E-technologies is known to provide optimum solutions at a very apt price. We have made it our policy to attend to the minor glitches that the client faces after we have concluded a project with him. The ninety day agreement that we enforce with the company has found wide appreciation amongst all our clients.

Contact us today and get the best computer related or network based solutions for your enterprise.

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